Sunday, November 04, 2007

Upcoming Cleveland Architecture

You may (or may not) have noticed that there have been several opportunites to attend or participate in architectural events, lectures, and symposia this fall in Cleveland (note an updated "Design City Calendar" at right). Cruise over to TOI Studio, where Dru will keep you abreast of the latest with nearly daily local event updates.

Notables include the ongoing "Cleveland Goes Modern" exhibition and discussion series, Case Western Reserve University's Baker-Nord "Cityscapes" Lectures, KSU College of Architecture and Environmental Design Fall Lecture Series, and the upcoming "Greening the modern preservation movement: Bauhaus at the brink."

Consider along with these events the developing efforts of the newly created LAUNCH and Architecture for Humanity groups and you'll find a ton of ways to get your dose of architecture, urbanism, and design or maybe even contribute a thing or two to a wanting design culture in Cleveland.*

*If anyone reading this has any thoughts on how to coalesce disparate design efforts in some way, how to engage other voices, or how to realize Cleveland as a "Design City" PLEASE attend our monthly LAUNCH discussion this coming Thursday (Nov. 8th) at 6pm at the Prosperity Social Club on Lincoln Park in Tremont. I (as well as others, I'm sure) believe that there continues to be an audible voice missing in the City that comes from an impassioned, creative community advocating for issues in architecture urbanism, and design and providing activity and stimulus outside the grind of our day jobs. Is it a formalized organization a la Chicago Architectural Club, the Architectural League, or others? I couldn't tell you, but I'll be organizing my thoughts this week in advance of the discussion (see the following post for additional thoughts).