Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A Call to Arms

If the course of Cleveland's architecture is to be righted then we, as worthy designers, must bring worthy architecture to the attention of the public. When faced with such abysmal architectural proposals, such as the recent thoughts on a redesign of "Public" Square , the architectural community should fight back publicly with alternate proposals or calls for public competition. However, the avenues for public architectural discourse are few and those that exist are quite inadequate to handle diverse opinions. There must be a call to arms within the architectural community to combat the dreadfully banal work that is being done. Discussion will go only so far to advance the cause of worthy architecture. Our best weapon is the ability to create a world in our minds and put it to paper. My call is to young and progressive architects of the region: We must SHOW, not TELL, the public what worthy design is and we must be publicly blunt when confronting inconsiderate architecture. We must organize for this cause, set aside our egos and in the spirit of creative collaboration that is desperately lacking, come together to promote ourselves and the worthy architecture we champion.

L. S. Moore


Blogger Stan said...

Well stated.

1:31 PM  
Blogger Philip Astor said...

In war, it's best to win without fighting and this conflict is worth winning. Without disparaging the sentiment expressed, perhaps less militaristic language could express what should be civil discourse. If not, we have succumbed to the violence and architectural terrorism of the avant garde.
Peace, man.

11:43 PM  
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