Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Storefront Art Opening: Influence + Imposition

The art of architectural design isn't displayed in galleries with enough frequency. It may be the volume of budget-driven construction that leaves little time for deeper explorations into design, a "brain-drain" of Cleveland's creative minds that leaves a scarcity of individuals who look at the art of architecture as more than a consumer product, or simply a failure of current architecture design and theory to be accessible to an audience larger than the community of subscribers to Architectural Record magazine.
It may be some of these reasons, or none of them, regardless, it will be a boost to the exposure of architectural design in Cleveland with the exhibition of four local designers' work called Influence + Imposition opening at Cleveland Public Art's storefront next Thursday. As the Artists' Statement describes:
"Influence + Imposition is an exhibition of the documentations and speculations of four young Cleveland designers engaging the built environment.
Sean Burkholder, Patrick Hyland, Jonathan Kurtz, and Bradford Watson have all recently returned to Cleveland after pursuing graduate design educations outside of Northeast Ohio. All work, design, teach, and make locally."
To read the Artists' Statements and Biographies download the PDF document or visit Cleveland Public Art's webpage.
WHAT: Cleveland Public Art open house for Influence + Imposition
WHEN: Thursday, March 29th at 5:30pm
WHERE: Cleveland Public Art - 1951 West 26th Street


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