Sunday, June 25, 2006

Words to Ponder

"Your Commission believes that all the buildings erected by the city should have a distinguishing character; that there is not a gain, but a distinct loss in allowing the use of unrelated styles or no styles, in schools, fire, police and hospital buildings; that it would be much better to hold the designing within certain lines for these buildings, and that uniform architecture be maintained fore each function, which shall make it recognizable at first glance. The jumble of buildings that surround us in our new cities contributes nothing valuable to life; on the contrary, it sadly disturbs our peacefulness and destroys that repose within us which is the true basis of all contentment. Let the public authorities therefore, set an example of simplicity and uniformity, not necessarily producing monotony, but on the contrary resulting in beautiful designs entirely harmonious with each other"

Burnham, Carrere, and Brunner; the "Group Plan Commission"
In regards to the Cleveland Group Plan

L. S. Moore


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