Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Rock'n RNC?

While I'm excited that the Republican National Convention will put Cleveland in the national and international spot light, I'm not so sure about this:

Rock'n RNC? If Cleveland is the Rock'n Roll capital of the world, whoever chose this slogan should know that Rock'n Roll and Republicans do NOT go together. War, corporate greed and advancing the police state are all values of rock'n roll? The irony sickens me, and I am a glutton for irony. But really the issue isn't about the Republicans and their policies, its about those who chose this slogan. Cleveland has milked this Rock'n Roll legacy enough. Rock'n Roll is dead. It died decades ago. Its time to be serious and endeavor to find something else of value to rest our laurels rather than an expensive and ill-conceived museum.

On a side note, the Institute of Classical Architecture and Classical America is in the process of publishing a book, Classical Architecture: A Handbook of the Tradition for Today. A description of the book can be found on The Classicist Blog. Although incomplete, several pages outlining the 5 orders and basic molding components are available for download, which I highly recommend doing. Once published, I would recommend purchasing it at the Classicist Bookshop.

L.S. Moore


Anonymous Cleveland said...

If its not Rock'n then what is it? Don't just complain...contribute.

What is your slogan for Cleveland?

3:02 PM  
Blogger Lester S. Moore said...

-RNC Cleveland-

I don't think Cleveland needs to "sell" herself with some fancy slogan. It shows a lack of sophistication to market our city the same way someone would market children’s' toys. If Cleveland wants to be taken seriously, then she should not be degraded by such crass “sloganization”.

Cleveland is much better than the Rock'n Roll Hall of Fame. It shows a real lack of confidence in our city to focus our "slogan" on something as unsophisticated as rock'n roll. Cleveland and her citizens have done much to advance this nation. To cheapen her accomplishments by advertising Cleveland with rock'n roll is a disgrace which I will complain about regardless of whether or not I have a contribution. It is time to stop being "creative" and "clever" and start being serious about our city and her future.

L.S. Moore

12:41 AM  

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