Saturday, October 07, 2006

Selling the City in Lights, P.III

After covering the limits noted under the new billboard ordinance this morning, I documented a few of my preferred public art "billboard" locations (alright, large purple daisies may be a bit absurd...). See Selling the City in Lights, P.II for a little more background.

Please bear with the self-amusement of this exercise (not that each post thus far hasn't been for my own selfish enjoyment) - regardless, I hope you were able to enjoy the beautiful Saturday afternoon in whatever way you chose to spend it.

A few considerations:
High frequency of passersby, visitors
Location affords an opportunity to be appreciated from near and far
Placement catches natural light for much of the day
Proximity to parks, plazas or seating (inc. outdoor dining areas)
Low potential for new construction to obstruct views, create shadows
Opportunity for art billboard to become an ongoing tradition for a neighborhood or place

Warehouse District

Public Square

East Fourth Street

Gateway District


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