Saturday, September 16, 2006

Thank you!

On a general note, I just wanted to recognize our regular and consistent readership and the few who have subscribed to The Design Rag since its beginning only a few months ago. While replies continue to be produced between The Design Rag contributors, your presense is acknowledged and very much appreciated. We expect that your quiet consistency is a gesture of support in our endeavor. As always, we encourage you to join in the discussion, whether comment, tidbit or criticism. Many of you are local (while we hope to be relevant to a universal audience) and likely familiar with our discussion - your thoughts are a welcome addition.

It is our intention for The Design Rag to be an experiment as a sort of digital journal of relevant architecture and urban topics. While we hope that our experience in this forum can lead to the creation of a print publication (in some capacity in a not-so-distant future) what the blog format allows (unlike any print journal could) is an instant and facilitated means to respond. We hope to continue to fully utilize this advantage. In addition, any input on the presentation or format of The Design Rag is also appreciated - contact the new Design Rag email address for this or any other reason.

The Design Rag


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