Thursday, November 09, 2006

Historic Breuer Photographs

As noted by Bill Barrow from CSU Library, view several historic Breuer photographs, construction images, models, and renderings here at Cleveland Memory Project.

Unfortunately, this election cycle didn't provide an opportunity to cast a vote towards County-level regime change for those unhappy with the inevitable loss of the Cleveland Trust Tower to the whimsies of County Commissioners. Persistent written and spoken opinion and analysis will be the only chance of pressuring administrators into considering the costs and environmental benefits of retaining the tower, altering the tower, or razing the tower.

Since Levin College's community forum, the blogosphere, newspapers and Litt, have been silent...


Anonymous Susan said...

Where did those letters sent to the commissioners get published? You're almost right about silence. Or is it that letters were written and they went into the black hole of county government. The blogosphere has not been silent as evidenced by your coverage and Improvised Schema's. Search Breuer at (where we radical activists post) and Green City Blue Lake, too. There is still a chance. There just isn't any plan for those who would save the tower to come together and organize anything.

9:46 AM  

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