Sunday, April 08, 2007

Cleveland's Recent Past is "Immediately Endangered!"

The Recent Past Preservation Network has declared Marcel Breuer's Cleveland Trust Tower as "Immediately Endangered!"

The Recent Past Preservation Network is "a valuable resource for building public education and awareness of an often misunderstood and underappreciated era of design. We generally define the recent past as a moving window of approximately fifty years time. Specifically, we cover those buildings that are not considered eligible for the National Register of Historic Places because the structures are less than fifty years old. These are the very buildings and landscapes that need the most protection."
RPPN also has a great page of resources and methods for taking action to prevent the demolition of the structures of our recent past. This page includes guidelines for nominating properties that have achieved significance within the past fifty years, points of economic impacts for preservation and reuse, petition writing and online hosting, case studies, and much much more.
(photo courtesy of Mark Satola as published on RPPN)


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