Tuesday, August 28, 2007

"PV'd" that Cleveland THINKS Solar... and not a whole lot more than that

This one nearly missed me, and to tell you the truth, reading it made me furious (a newsbrief in this month's Architect Magazine):

"As part of its effort to accelerate the creation of advanced solar electric technologies, the U.S. Department of Energy's Solar America Initiative has named 13 Solar America Cities: Ann Arbor, Mich.; Austin, Texas; Berkeley, Calif.; Boston; Madison, Wis.; New Orleans; New York; Pittsburgh; Portland, Ore.; Salt Lake City; San Diego; San Francisco; and Tucson, Ariz. These cities are now eligible for funding and technical assistance from the DOE as they develop local initiatives for the adoption of solar-based power technologies. Learn more about the program at www1.eere.energy.gov/solar."

The initiative by USDE and the healthy list of participating major American cities is tremendous, HOWEVER, am I the only Clevelander who feels betrayed by Northeast Ohio electorate, business leaders, and foundations for not positioning the City for federal funding in the proliferation of solar-power?

After a recent swell of solar in this town:

1. the hosting of this year's National Solar Energy Conference
2. an Ohio Department of Development study (pdf) released this summer that suggests a strong commitment from state and federal sources could turn Ohio job losses into a competitive advantage in the renewable-energy industry
3. excessive media coverage on the installation of new PV arrays at Jacobs' Field and the Great Lakes Science Center
4. Cleveland Foundation and Gund Foundation institute new policy of "award capital grants only to building or renovation projects that seek LEED certification"
5. the "one megawatt challenge"?
6. and how about GreenEnergyOhio, E4S, Green Building Coalition, EcoCity Cleveland, and others who's goal is to make Cleveland the green city on a blue lake
7. and not to be forgotten, the freshwater windfarm

Of course, I am not mistaking 'action' with the lip service and feasibility studies (partially referenced above) for a future (sustainable) Cleveland - but I admit that I can be led blindly into manufactured optimism for opportunities to a reawakened economy.

How far has Cleveland REALLY come the last few years that it has not ensured a position on this list?


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The Solar America Cities competition will open once again for new applicant cities in the Oct/Nov 2007 timeframe. This will result in a new batch of 2008 Solar America Cities. Cleveland is more than welcome to apply.... - USDOE

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