Saturday, September 15, 2007

On Architectural Blogging

I must admit, more than 90% of my daily/weekly architecture and design news comes from online newsletters, blogs, and aggregators. There are few print sources in the architectural realm (of the American variety) that satisfy, and many are little more than picture books (or cookbooks) for sensational forms and cutting edge 'decoration'.

One of few magazines I read with any regularity and genuinely look forward to reading is Architect Magazine (maybe its that 'free' thing that makes it so easy to enjoy), providing an often varied insight into practitioners and current directions/influences of the profession.

In the September 2007 issue, architectural blogging and some of the widely-read weblogs fill several of its pages. While the article offers no insight into the frequency practioners access blog-based information as opposed to print media, I suspect that the maturation of aggregators, widespread use of rss feeds (email clients often support site feeds), and increasingly tech-savvy 'whippersnappers' are accelerating the architecture blog's popularity.

"The ranks of small, independently published magazines that enlivened architectural discourse in the 1960s and 1970s have left few direct offspring in print. Instead, that culture of intrepid architectural commentary has re-emerged online, in the form of blogs."

Thus far, Architect notes, most research and criticism is still left to scholars and professional journalists, but blogs have accelerated and intesified the dissemination of "breaking news" as well as bred hybrid topics and provided deeper exploration "deep into the realms of theory, commentary, and fantasy."

Check out the Cleveland Design City for a collection of area architecture blogs - while the interface is somewhat primative (as limited by Blogger's aggregating capabilities), it is a reasonable starting place for checking out what's happening in the realm of architecture, design, and urbanism - at least until something better comes along. Contact the Design Rag or any of the bloggers if you or someone has a blog that should be added to this site.


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