Thursday, September 20, 2007

Medical Mart at Ameritrust Tower?


The County Commissioners favorite topics as of late have been: 1) the construction of a new Administration Center at the site of the Ameritrust Tower and 2) the construction of a Medical Mart/Convention Center. It may just be me, but I'm having a harder and harder time telling these very different projects apart these days...

At least it keeps folks talking about an alternative future for the Tower, right? BUT, there may be no more awful location for a convention center than one at Prospect, Ninth and Euclid. Says Hagan, "Its one of the sites we think ought to be considered. We'd have to acquire additional property." Have the Commissioners' demolition appetites not yet been sufficiently satisfied? Is there not a billion acres of already vacant land at the city's core and development-ready?

From Wednesday, Sept. 19th on

CLEVELAND - In the search for a possible Medical Mart location, Cuyahoga County Commissioners are now looking at East 9th Street and Prospect. The site may replace the plan for the county headquarters building.

Sources also tell Channel 3 News that the Ameritrust Tower is also in the running along with the old Higbee's building and the present Convention Center.

Some people are wondering if there is enough room for a Medical Mart and Convention Center.

"It's one of the sites we think ought to be considered," said Commissioner Tim Hagan. "We'd have to acquire additional property. We have not dismissed the County Administration building as a concern. There's only so much you can put on people's plates and accomplish rationally."

Millions of dollars were already spent on the headquarters plan and many ideas are still in play.


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