Thursday, January 31, 2008

No choice?

Another glorious piece by Mr. Kunstler commenting on the finer aspects of our wonderful culture (or lack there of). Here is a taste of what is in store for you:

What remains for now is a terrible grandiose inertia among people who really ought to know better: our culture leaders. The cutting edge has become a blunt instrument unsuited to fashioning the patterns of the future. Everything we do from now on will have to be finer in scale, quality, and character. Exercises in irony will no longer be appreciated because there will no longer be a premium paid for declaring ourselves to be ridiculous. The localism of the future will not be a matter of fashion. It will be in the food we eat and the air we breathe, and we’d better start paying attention.

Also, since we are on the subject of Mr. Kunstler, he has as his "Eyesore of the Month"a much loved local sign post. I think it was reported in the Free Times, but I'll be a bit late and post the link anyways. Plus, tomorrow is a new month! Enjoy.

L.S. Moore


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